“Was I wrong ?” in Hindi ?

“Wrong” means “गलत”(galat)

“Right” means “सही”(sahee)

In this daily lesson , we will learn to make sentences  on these two words in Hindi.

मैं गलत था /थी | (main galat thaa) = I was wrong.

क्या मैं गलत था / थी ? (kyaa main galat thaa ?) = Was I wrong ?

क्या मैं गलत बोला /बोली  ? (kyaa main galat bolaa/bolee) = Did I speak wrong ?

पीटर सही था |  (peter sahee thaa) = Peter was Right.

पीटर सही नहीं था | (peter sahee nahi thaa) = Peter was not right.

या तुम गलत हो या मैं | (ya tum galat ho ya main) = Either you or I am wrong.

आप गलत बस में हो | (aap galat bas me ho) = You are on the wrong bus.

यह गलत नंबर है | (ya galat number hai)= This is wrong number.


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