Where will this bus stop ?

In this Hindi lesson, we will learn a new verb: “रुकना (to stop)”. We will try to make sentences like “Please stop” or “Where will this bus stop ?” in Hindi.

रुकना (ruknaa) =  To stop

Sentences in Present Tense in Hindi

मैं यहाँ रोज रुकता हूँ | (main yahaan roj ruktaa hoon )= I stop here every day

यह ट्रेन यहाँ हमेशा रुकती है | (yah train hameshaa yahaan ruktee hain) = This train stops here every day.

Sentences in Past Tense in Hindi

कल ट्रेन दिल्ली में रुकी | (kal main dillee me rukee) = The train stopped in Delhi yesterday.

पीटर मेरे लिए मुंबई रुका | (peter mere liye mumbai rukaa) = Peter stopped in Mumbai for me.

Sentences in Future Tense in Hindi

यह बस कहाँ रुकेगी ? (yah bus kahaan rukegi) = Where will this bus stop ?

टीना कल लन्दन में रुकेगी | (teenaa kal london me rukegee)= Teena will stop in London.


कृपया रुकिए | (kripyaa rukiyee)= Please stop

गाड़ी रोको | (gaadi roko)= Stop the vehicle.

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