“I will not break your heart”

Let us learn the verb “to break” in Hindi.In this lesson, we will learn the various forms of “to break” .

“to break” means “तोडना (todnaa)” in Hindi.

For example

मैं तुम्हारा फोन  तोड़ रहाँ हूँ | (main tumhaaraa phone tod rahaan hoon) = I am  breaking your phone.

मैंने तुम्हारा फोन तोडा | (maine tumhaara phone todaa) = I broke your phone.

मैं गिलास तोडा | (maine gilaas todaa) = I broke the glass.

पीटर तुम्हारे दांत तोड़ेगा | (peter tumhaare daant todega) = Peter will break your teeth.

मैं तुम्हारा दिल नहीं तोडूंगा /तोडूंगी | (main tumhaaraa dil kabhi nahee todungaa) = I will not break your heart.

In the next lesson , we will learn another form of  “to break” which means “टूटना  (tutnaa)”

तोड़ना (todanaa) = to break


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  1. Thank u very much. There is no other easy way to learn Hindi like this i think so. You are giving each one different topic isn’it. The same thing only you are giving in monthly archives isn’tit? As i have a small baby i am not getting time to see each and every topic which you are giving. So Shall i take only this monthly archives itself.Please suggest me.

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