Using “in front of” in Hindi

“In front of” translates to “-के सामने “(ke saamne) in Hindi.

It is a postposition.

घर के सामने (ghar ke saamne) = In front of house.

घर के सामने कार है | (ghar ke saamne car hai) = Car is in front of house.

मेरे सामने (mere saamne) = In front of me.

मेरे सामने पेड़ है | (mere saamne ped hai)= Tree is in front of me.

तुम्हारे सामने (tumhaare saamne) = In front of you

तुम्हारे सामने लड़का खड़ा है | (tumhare saamne ladka khadaaa hai) = A boy is standing in front of you.

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