This tree is green.

In this lesson, we will learn to describe colors of things around us in Hindi. The grammar lesson on adjectives on colors in Hindi is here : Adjectives on colors .


यह पेड़ हरा है | (yah ped haraa hai) = This tree is green.

यह दीवार हरी है | (yah dewaar haree hai) = This wall is green.

यह लड़का गोरा है | (yah ladkaa goraa hai) = This boy is white.

यह लडकी गोरी है | (yah ladki gori hai)= This girl is white.

Adjectives for masculine nouns end with the sound of -आ (aa). For example : हरा (haraa), गोरा (goraa)

Adjectives for feminine nouns end with the sound of -ई (ee). For example : हरी (haree), गोरी (goree).

The color लाल (laal)= red, सफ़ेद (safed)= white is exception for this rule.

More examples :

मेरा पेन काला है | (meraa pen kaalaa hai) = My pen is black.

मेरी गिटार काली है | (meree guitaar kaalee hai) = My guitar is black.

आकाश नीला है | (aakaash neelaa hai) = Sky is blue.

जमीन नीली है | (jameen neelee hai)= Earth is blue.




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  1. Sir

    Please clarify how we have to use the correct spelling to form a sentence or a word. I am getting confusion in writing the words for (Eg) you have given sky is blue in hindi akash neela hai. Here i am getting confusion which ka i have to write. Like this so many words i am getting confusion. Please tell me how to write the correct spelling . Even i said already means is there any problem with that if send 2 or 3 times the same thing.

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