“Sometimes” in Hindi

In this lesson , we will learn how to  use “sometimes” in Hindi. We will learn make sentences like “Sometimes I don’t go to school.” or “Sometimes I like you”

The word “sometimes” translates to “कभी कभी ” (kabhi kabhi) in Hindi.

कभी कभी मैं घर जाता हूँ (kabhi kabhi main ghar jaataa hoon) = Sometimes I go home.

कभी कभी मैं पाठशाला नहीं जाता हूँ | (kabhi kabhi main pathshaalaa nahi jaataa hoon) = Sometimes I don’t go to school.

कभी कभी तुम मुझे पसंद आती हो | (kabhi kabhi tum mujhe pasand aati ho) = Sometimes I like you.

कभी कभी यह दुकान जल्दी बंद हो जाता है | (kabhi kabhi yah dukaan jaldi band ho jaataa hai)= Sometimes this shop closes early.

कभी कभी मार्च में बारिश होती है | (kabhi kabhi march me baarish hoti hai) = Sometimes it rains in March.


  1. Dear sir, The lessons offered here are immensely useful and I am very thankful to you for the same. Will you please tell me the meaning of the word Haseena that is the caption of a serial Hindi serial.

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