Sentences on “to see” in Hindi

In this Hindi lesson, we will learn to use verb “देखना (dekhnaa)” in different tenses in Hindi. We will learn to make sentences like “I saw an airplane” or “I will see Mumbai tomorrow” and similar sentences like this in Hindi.

“To see” is “देखना (dekhna)” in Hindi.  The root of the verb is “देख (dekh)”.  Different suffixes are added to the root of the verb to express it in different tenses. (See related lessons. Link given below)

Present tense:

मैं रोज सूरज को देखता /ती हूँ | (main kal suraj ko dekhtaa/tee  hoon) = I see sun every day.

मैं तुम्हे देख रहा हूँ | (main tumhe dekh rahaa hoon) = I am seeing you.

Past tense

मैंने तुम्हे देखा | (maine tumhe dekhaa) = I saw you.

मैंने पीटर को कल देखा | (maine peter ko kal dekhaa) = I saw Peter yesterday.

मोनिका पीटर को देख रही थी | (monica peter ko dekh rahee thee) = Monica was seeing Peter.

Future tense

मैं कल सुबह चाँद देखूंगा | (main kal subah chaand dekhungaa) = I will see moon tomorrow morning.

पीटर कल मुंबई देखेगा | (peter kal mumbai dekhegaa) = Peter will see Mumbai tomorrow.



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