How do you say “World is changing” in Hindi ?

In this lesson , we will learn Hindi equivalent of English verb “to change”.

We will learn to make sentences like “I am changing my clothes”  or “I changed my phone number” in Hindi.

To change = बदलना (badalnaa)

दुनिया बदल रही है | (duniyaa badal rahi hai ) = World is changing.

मैं कपडे बदल रहा/रही हूँ | (main kapde badal raha/rahee hoon) = I am changing clothes.

पीटर तुम बदल रहे हो | (peter tum badal rahe ho) = Peter, you are changing.

मैंने फ़ोन नंबर बदला | (maine phone number badlaa) = I changed my phone number.

क्या आपने आपका फोन नंबर बदला ? (kyaa aapne aapka phone number badlaa) = Did you change your phone number ?

मैं मेरा घर बदलूँगा | (main mera ghar badlungaa) = I will change my house.

Beginners read lessons on Tenses in Hindi to understand Grammar behind these sentences.


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