How do you say “We will go tomorrow” in Hindi

Your friend wants you to come with him for a movie but you don’t have the time today. You don’t want to say “No”  either. The only option you have to save this situation is to postpone the plan.

How will you do it ? What will you say to him ?

Let us learn this type of sentences in Hindi in this lesson.

हम कल जायेंगे | (hum kal jayenge)  = We will go tomorrow.

हम कल पढेंगे | (hum kal padhenge) = We will study tomorrow.

पढना (padhnaa) = To study

हम कल मंदिर जायेंगे | (hum kal mandir jayenge) = We will go to temple tomorrow.

हम कल रूम साफ करेंगे | (hum kal room saaf karenge) = We will clean the room tomorrow.

साफ़ करना (saaf karnaa) = to clean

हम कल काम करेंगे | (hum kal kaam karenge) =We will work tomorrow.

हम कल खेलेंगे | (hum kal khelenge) = I wil play tomorrow.

Beginners, if you are finding hard to grasp this lesson ,  please read this lesson first : Future tense in Hindi




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