How do you say “Will you dance with me ?” in Hindi

to dance = नाचना /डांस करना  (naachnaa/dance karnaa)

क्या तुम मेरे साथ डांस करोगी ? (kyaa tum mere saath dance karogi ?)= Will you dance with me ?

क्या तुम मेरे साथ डांस करोगे ? (kyaa tum mere saath dance karoge ?)= Will you dance with me ?

Sentences on Verb “नाचना (naachnaa)”

मैं रोज नाचता/ती हूँ | (main roj naachtaa/tee hoon) = I dance daily.

मुझे डांस करना पसंद है |  (mujhe dance karnaa pasand hai) = I like to dance.



  1. so “mujhe dance karnaa pasand hai ” does that change for feminine? You did not say. Also Karoge is masc. and Karogi fem? I am assuming as it does not say also.


    1. “pasand hai” does not involve any verb conjugation, so it is for bothe masc. and femi. . See lesson on “I like” in Survival verbs section.

  2. Also how would you say “would you like to dance with me?” using Naachnaa?

    As Karnaa is being conjugated not the word dance so…

    “kya tum mere saath nachogi??”

    Lastly… as you have given both options.. how does one chose when to use them ? are they both commonly used these days?

    Thanks, Great website 🙂

    1. Yes you did it right.

      Kya tum mere saath naachogi ? (to a girl)
      Kya tum mere saath naachoge ? (to a boy)

      Both “naachna” and “dance karnaa” are being used commonly these days. Both are correct sentences to use.

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