How do you say “I will buy a car” in Hindi

In this Hindi lesson , we will learn the Hindi equivalent of verb “to buy”. We will learn to make sentences like “I bought an iPhone” or “I will buy a car tomorrow” in Hindi.

to buy = खरीदना (khareednaa)


मैं रोज दूध खरीदता /ती हूँ | (main roj doodh khareedtaa/tee hoon)=I buy milk everyday.

मैं रोज अंडे खरीदता /ती हूँ | (main roj ande khareedtaa/tee hoon)=I buy eggs everyday.

मैंने दूध खरीदा | (maine doodh khareedaa) = I bought the milk.

मैंने कल iphone खरीदा | (maine kal iphone khareedaa) = I bought an iphone yesterday.

पीटर ने मोनिका के लिए साड़ी खरीदी | (peter ne monikaa ke liye saaree khareedee)= Peter bought Saree for Monika.

मैं कल कार खरीदूंगा | (main kal car khareedungaa) = I will buy a car tomorrow.

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