How do you say “I want to be with you” in Hindi ?

Learn how to say “I want to learn Hindi” in Hindi. In this daily lesson, we shall see the use of “want to”. We will learn to make sentences like “I want to play Cricket ” or “I want to go home” in Hindi.

The verb “to want” usually means “चाहना(chaahna)” in Hindi. The sentences given above uses “want” as a supportive verb. So the actual translation of “want” that is “चाहना (chaahna)” does not appear in the Hindi translation.

The following examples will make you more clear.

मुझे हिंदी सीखना है | (muze hindi seekhnaa hai)  = I want to learn Hindi.

The main verb is  “सीखना (seekhnaa)”  = to learn.

मुझे क्रिकेट खेलना है | (mujhe cricket khelnaa hai)  = I want to play cricket.

The main verb is “खेलना (khelnaa)”= to play.

मुझे घर जाना है | (mujhe ghar jaanaa hai) =  I want to go home.

The main verb is “जाना(jaanaa)” = to go.

मुझे तुम्हारे साथ रहना है| (mujhe tumhaare saath rehnaa hai) =  I want to be with you..

The main verb is “रहना(rehnaa)” = to stay/to remain.


In all these sentences, “want” is used as a supportive verb.

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