How do you say “Tell me” in Hindi ?

In this Daily Hindi lesson , we will learn give orders in Hindi.

Let us learn this with examples.

आना (to come)

इधर आओ | (idhar aao) = Come here.

जाना (to go)

उधर जाओ | (idhar jaao) = Go there.

खाना (to eat)

खाना खाओ | (khaanaa khaao) = Eat food.

पीना (to drink)

पानी पीओ (paani pio)= Drink water

बताना (to tell)

मुझे बताओ | (mujhe bataao) = Tell me

पूछना (to ask)

मुझे पूछो | (ask me)

मदद करना (to help)

मेरी मदद करो | (meri madad karo) = Help me.





    1. see, madad as a noun is feminine. Hence it is meri madad.

      The better explanation you can find in the Hindi pronouns lessons on this website.

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