How do you say “I am talking to you” in Hindi ?

In this lesson ,we will make sentences on Hindi equivalent of verb “to talk”.

“to talk” means “बोलना (bolnaa)” or “बात करना (baat kanaa)”


मैं बात कर रहा हूँ /रही हूँ | (main baat kar rahaa hoon/rahee hoon )  = I am talking.

मैं टीना से रोज बात करता हूँ | (main teenaa se roj baat kartaa hoon) = I talk with Teena every day.

मैं पीटर से कल बात करूँगा/करूंगी | (main peter se kal baat karunga/karungee) = I will talk to Peter tomorrow.

मैं तुमसे बात का रहा हूँ /ही हूँ | (main tumse baat kar rahaa hoon/ rahee hoon) = I am talking to you.

तुम मुझसे बात करो | (tum mujhse baat karo) = You talk to me.

Boy to a girl : तुम मुझसे बात करोगी क्या ? (tum mjhse baat karogi kyaa ?) = Will you talk to me ?

Girl to a boy : हाँ , मैं तुमसे बात करूंगी | (haan, main tumse baat karungee) = Yes, I will talk to you.


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