How do you say “I received your book” in Hindi

In this Hindi lesson , we will learn to make sentences on Hindi equivalent of verb ‘to receive”.

To receive = मिलना (milnaa)

“मिलना” (milnaa)  is a transitive verb.

मुझे पेन मिला |  (mujhe pen milaa) = I received a pen.

मुझे पेंसिल मिली | (mujhe pencil milee) = I received a pencil.

हमें किताब मिली | ( hame kitaab milee) = We received a book

हमें फोन मिला | (hame phone milaa) = We received a phone.

उन्हें हमारा पेन मिला | (unhe hamaaraa pen milaa) = They received our pen.

उन्हें मेरी सायकल मिली | (unhe meri cycle milee) = They received my cycle.

मुझे आपकी किताब मिली | (mujhe aapki kitaab milee)  = I received your book.

आपको मेरी किताब मिली | (aapko meri kitaab milee) = You received my book.


  1. Thanks.
    But a small correction. kitaab = book right?
    हमें किताब मिली | ( hame kitaab milee) = We received a book.

    FYI : Your postings highly needed. Please post more lessions.

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