How do you say “It is raining” in Hindi

Sky is dark, earth is green, weather is windy and umbrellas are out. Now that Monsoon has arrived in Indian and it is raining profusely everywhere, let us learn some sentences on “rainy season” in this week. In this lesson we shall see the verb “to rain”.

to rain = “बारिश होना (baarish hona)”

Rain as a nouns is only “बारिश (baarish)” but when it becomes a verb it becomes “बारिश होना (baarish honaa)”

बारिश हो रही है | (baarish ho rahi hai) = It is raining.

कल बारिश हो गई | (kal barish ho gaye) = It rained yesterday

कल बारिश होगी | (kal baarish hoge) = It will rain tomorrow.

रविवार को बारिश होगी | (ravivaar ko baarish hogi) = It will rain on Sunday.

बहुत तेज बारिश हो रही है | (bahut tej baarish ho rahee hai) = It is raining heavily.

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