How do you say “Nothing happened” in Hindi

In this Hindi lesson , we will make sentences on Hindi equivalent of “nothing”

“Nothing” means “कुछ नहीं ” (kucchh naheen)

“कुछ नहीं ” (kucchh naheen) is to be used for non-living objects.

For living objects , there is another word – कोई नहीं (koi naheen)


मुंबई में कुछ नहीं है | (mumbai me kuchh naheen hai)

Nothing is there in Mumbai.

मेरे पास कुछ नहीं है | (mere paas kuchh naheen hai)

I have nothing.

कुछ नहीं हुआ है | (kucchh naheen huaa hai)

Nothing happened.

मोनिका ने कुछ नहीं किया | (monikaa ne kuchh naheen kiyaa)

Monika did nothing.

मैं कुछ नहीं बोलूँगा /बोलूंगी  (main kucchh naheen bolungaa/bolungee)

I will say nothing  or I will not say anything.


Try it yourself

  1. I said nothing
  2. Peter did nothing
  3. My father has nothing
  4. Nothing is there in Delhi.


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  1. 1. I said nothing
    Mai kuch nehi kara
    2.Peter did nothing
    Peter nae kuch nehi kiyaa
    3.My father has nothing
    Mere papa kae pass kuch nehi hai
    4.Nothing is there in Delhi.
    Delhi mai kuch nehi hai

    1. for living things : koi nahi
      vahaan koi naheen hai = There is no one

      for non living things : kuch nahin
      vahan kuchh naheen hai = There is nothing

      Hope I cleared your doubt.

  2. yes thanks. could we have some examples with koi at some point? 🙂

    I got:

    I said nothing: main kuch naheen bolee
    Peter did nothing: Peter Kuch naheen kayaa
    My father has nothing: Mera Pitaji kuch naheen unke pass hain
    Nothing is there in Delhi: Vahan Dehli me, kuch nahi hai


  3. Is it correct??

    I said nothing:maine kuch naheen bola.

    Peter did nothing:peter ne kuch naheen kiya

    My father has nothing:mere pithaji ke pas kuch naheen hai

    Nothing is there in Delhi:delhi mein kuch nahi hai

  4. I don’t like watching TV- Mujhe TV dehna pasand nahi hain.

    I don’t like playing Hockey- Mujhe Hockey khelna pasand nahi hain.

    I don’t like singing and dancing- Mujhe gaana aur naachna pasand nahi hain.

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