say “Do not worry ” in Hindi

In this Hindi lesson , we will make sentences on Hindi equivalent of the word “worry”.

We will make sentences like “Do not worry”  or “Why are you worrying ?” in Hindi

To worry = चिंता करना (chintaa karnaa)

आप चिंता मत करो (aap chintaa mat karo) = You do not worry.

उसके बारेमे चिंता मत करो (uske baareme chintaa mat karo) = Do not worry about it.

मैं चिंता कर रहा /रही हूँ | (main chintaa kar rahaa /rahee hoon) = I am worrying.

पीटर चिंता कर रहा है | (peter chintaa kar rahaa hai) = Peter is worrying

मोनिका चिंता कर रही है | (monikaa chintaa kar rahee hai) = Monika is worrying.

चिंता मत करो. हमेशा खुश रहो | (chintaa mat karo. hameshaa khoosh rahoo) = Do not worry. Be happy.

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