How do you say “Was it my mistake ?” in Hindi

In this daily Hindi lesson , you will learn to make sentences like “Was it my mistake ?” or “Was I right ?” or “Were you ready ?” in Hindi.

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क्या मैं सही था /थी ? (kyaa main sahi thaa/thee) = Was I right ?

क्या वह मेरी गलती थी ? (kyaa vah meri galati thee ) = Was it my mistake ?

क्या आप तैयार थे ? (kyaa aap taiyaar the) = Were you ready ?

क्या आप बीमार थे ? (kyaa aap bimaar the ) = Were you sick ?

क्या हम सही थे ? (kyaa hum sahi the) = Were we right ?

क्या हम सावधान थे ? (kyaa hum saavdhaan the ) = Were we cautious ?

क्या पीटर खतरे में था ? (kyaa peter khatare me thaa) = Was Peter in danger ?

क्या मोनिका मुंबई में थी ? (kyaa monikaa mumbai me thee) = Was Monika in Mumbai ?

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