How do you say “Are you married ?” in Hindi

The word “marriage” translates to “शादी (shaadi)” in Hindi.

“to get married”  means “शादी करना  (shaadi karnaa)”

For example:

I am getting married = मैं शादी कर रहा हूँ/रही हूँ  | (main shaadi kar rahaan hoon/rahee hoon)

Peter is getting married = पीटर शादी कर रहा है | (peter shaadi kar rahaa hai)

Monika is getting married = मोनिका शादी कर रही है | (monikaa shaadi kar rahee hai)

I will marry next year = मैं अगले साल शादी करूँगा | (main agale saal shaadi karunga)

I will marry after two years = मैं दो साल बाद शादी करूँगा /करूंगी  (main do saal baad shaadi karungaa/karungee)


Let us see how to use “शादी”  as a noun.

मेरी शादी कल है | (meri shaadi kal hai) = Literal meaning : My marriage is tomorrow.

मेरी शादी एक साल बाद है | (meri shaadi ek saal baad hai) = My marriage is after one year.

मेरी शादी हो गयी है| (meri shaadi ho gayee hai) =  I am married. (Literal meaning: My marriage has been done)

क्या आपकी शादी हुई है ? (kyaa aapki shaadi hui hai ? )  Are you married ?  (Literal meaning: Has your marriage been done ?)




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