How do you say “I liked your shirt” in Hindi ?

In this daily Hindi lesson , we will learn to make sentences on “Did you like…….” in Hindi.

To like = पसंद होना /आना (pasand honaa/aanaa)

Present tense : मुझे तुम्हारा शर्ट पसंद है | (mujhe tumharaa shirt pasand hai) = I like you shirt.

Past tense  :मुझे तुम्हारा शर्ट पसंद आया | (mujhe tumhaaraa shirt pasand aayaa) = I liked your shirt.

मुझे पीटर का नया शर्ट पसंद आया | (mujhe  peter kaa nayaa shirt pasand aayaa) = I liked Peter’s new shirt.

मुझे पीटर की नयी कार पसंद आयी| (mujhe peter ki nayii car pasand aayee) = I liked Peter’s new car.

क्या आपको मेरा शर्ट पसंद आया | (kya aapko meraa shirt pasand aayaa) = Did you like my shirt ?

क्या आपको मेरा घर पसंद आया | (kya aapko meraa ghar pasand aayaa) = Did you like my house ?

क्या आपको मेरा फोन पसंद आया | (kya aapko meraa phone pasand aayaa) = Did you like my phone ?

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