How do you say “I like laughing” in Hindi ?

हँसना (hansanaa) = To laugh.

How do you say”why are you laughing ?” in Hindi

आप क्यूँ हँस रहे हो  ? (aap kyun hans rahe ho ?)

Verb : हँसना (hansnaa) =To laugh.

Sentences on verb “हँसना (hansnaa)”

पीटर रोज हँसता हैं |(peter roj hanstaa hain) = Peter laughs daily.

पीटर कल बहुत हँसा | (peter kal bahut hansaa) = Peter laughed a lot yesterday.

कौन हँस रहा है |(kaun has rahaa hai) = Who is laughing ?

मुझे हँसना पसंद है | (muze hansanaa pasand hai) = I like laughing.

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