Say “I like to drive” in Hindi

In this lesson we will learn to use verb “to like” as an auxiliary verb. We will learn to make sentences like “I like to play Cricket” or “We like to travel” in Hindi.

Let us first see what is an auxiliary verb with this example.

Consider a sentence : “I like to drive”

There are two verbs

  1.  To drive (main verb)
  2. To like (auxiliary verb)

The role of auxiliary verb is to support the main verb.

“To like” as such translates to “पसंद होना (pasand honaa)” in Hindi.

When it is used with another verb , it takes the form as “पसंद है (pasand hai)” .  The main verb in the sentence stay in its root form.

See this examples

मुझे गाड़ी चलाना पसंद है | (mujhee gaadi chalaanaa pasand hai) = I like to drive

मुझे हिंदी सीखना पसंद है | (mujhe hindi seekhnaa pasand hai) = I like to learn Hindi

हमें सफ़र करना पसंद है | (hame safar karnaa pasand hai) = We like to travel

उसे क्रिकेट खेलना पसंद है | (use cricket khelna pasand hai) = He likes to play cricket

तुम्हे गाना पसंद है |  (tumhe gaanaa pasand hai) = You like to sing.

When used with verb “to like” , all pronouns take the object form.

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