say “If I learn Hindi, then I’ll come to India”

In this lesson , we will learn the usage of “If…..then” in Hindi. We will learn to make sentences like “If I go to school then I will study Hindi” or “If You come here then please bring my money”  in Hindi.

“If’……..then” translates to “अगर ……तो  (agar…..toh)”  in Hindi.

Let us see this with examples

अगर मैं हिंदी सीखा तो मैं भारत आऊंगा | (agar main hindi seekhaa toh main bhaarat aaunga)

If I learn Hindi then I will come to India.

अगर मैं पाठशाला गया तो मैं हिंदी सीखूंगा | (agar main pathshala gayaa to main hindi seekhunga)

If I go to school then I’ll learn Hindi

अगर तुम इधर आये तो मेरे पैसे लाना (agar tum idhar aaye to mere paise laanaa)

If you come here then please bring my money

  If …..  Then   = अगर …….तो  (agar …to)

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