say “I like you” in Hindi

आप मुझे पसंद हो . ( aap muze pasand ho)

There is no verb for ” to like” in Hindi. In Hindi , we express our liking for something or someone.

The literal Hindi translation for “I like you” is “I have a liking for you”

Hindi English Lesson Similar sentences
आप (aap) You [Pronouns in Hindi] मुझे ice cream पसंद है |

(muze icecream pasand hai)

I like Ice cream


मुझे वह लड़की पसंद है |

(mujhe vah ladki pasand hai)

I like that girl.

मुझे (mujhe) to me [Object Pronouns]
पसंद होना  (pasand hona) To like (verb)

or to have liking for

[Verb-present tense]


  1. Why is “आप मुझे पसंद हो” and NOT “मुझे आप पसंद हो”.
    As for the sentence “I like ice cream” you said “मुझे ice cream पसंद है” and NOT “Ice cream मुझे पसंद है”.

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