How do you say “Hurry up” in Hindi ?

In this lesson, we will make sentences on Hindi equivalent of  word “Hurry”.

To be in a hurry  =  जल्दी में (jaldee me)

मैं जल्दी में हूँ | (main jaldee me hoon) = I am in a hurry.

पीटर जल्दी में है | (peter jaldee me hai) = Peter is in a hurry.

मोनिका जल्दी में है | (monikaa jaldee me hai)= Monika is in a hurry.

जल्दी करो | (jaldee karo) = Hurry up. (Literal meaning= Do it fast)

जल्दी करो | हमें घर जाना है | (jaldee karo. hame ghar jaanaa hai)= Hurry up. We have to go home.

जल्दी करो | हमें ऑफिस जाना है | (jaldee karo. hame office jaanaa hai)= Hurry up. We have to go to office.

जल्दी करो | मुझे और भी काम है | (jaldee karo mujhe aur bhi kaam hai) = Hurry up. I have other works too.


The sentence “जल्दी करो ”  is in the imperative form. For more examples on imperative form, see the lesson : Orders in Hindi





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