How do you say “My house is very old” in Hindi ?

Hindi equivalent of adjective “old” is “पुराना /नी/ने ” (puraanaa/nee/ne) .

पुराना (puraanaa) : to describe masculine nouns

पुरानी (puraani) : to describe feminine nouns

पुराने (puraane) : to describe plural nouns

“पुराना /नी/ने ” (puraanaa/nee/ne)  is to be used only for things on objects but not for people and living things.

यह फोन बहुत पुराना है | (yah phone bahut puraana hai) = This phone is very old.

मेरा घर बहुत पुराना है | (meraa ghar bahut puraanaa hai) = My house is very old.

ये किताबें बहुत पुरानी हैं | (yah kitaaben bahut puraani hain) = These books are very old.

पीटर की गाड़ी बहुत पुरानी है | (peter ki gaadi bahut puraani hai) = Peter’s vehicle is very old.

मेरी घडी पुरानी है | (meri ghadi puraani hai) = My watch is old.

दिल्ली शहर बहुत पुराना है | (dilli shahar bahut puraanaa hai) = Delhi city is very old.

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