How do you say “He hit himself” in Hindi ?

In this daily Hindi lesson , we will learn reflexive pronouns in Hindi.

Examples of reflexive pronouns in English are “myself”, ‘yourself’, ‘ourselves’ etc.

The Hindi reflexive pronoun is “खुद (khud)”  or “अपने आप ” (apne aap).

Let us see some examples.

मैंने खुद को मारा | (maine khudko maaraa) = I hit myself.

उसने खुद को मारा | (usne khudko maaraa) = He hit himself.

मैं खुद को पसंद करता/ती हूँ | (main khood ko pasand kartaa hoon) = I like myself.

वह खुद से बात करता /ती है | (main khood se baat kartaa /tee hoon) = He talks with himself.

मैं  काम खुद से करता / ती हूँ | (main  kaam khud se kartaa/tee hoon) = I work myself.

हम ने खुद से घर साफ़ किया | (ham ne khood se ghar saaf kiyaa) = We cleaned house ourselves.

खुद पे  विश्वास रखो | (khood pe vishwaas rakho) = Believe in yourself.


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