How do you say “Did you hear this song ?” in Hindi

In this Hindi Lesson, we will learn Hindi equivalent of the verb “to hear” and we will make Hindi sentences using it.

to hear = सुनना (sunanaa)

मैं गाना सुनता/सुनती हूँ | (main gaanaa suntaa hoon/suntee hoon) = I hear a song.

मैं गाना सुन रहा हूँ /रही हूँ | (main gaana sun rahaa hoon /rahee hoon)= I am hearing/listening a song.

मैं तुम्हे सुन रहा हूँ /रही हूँ | (main tumhe sun rahaa hoon/rahee hoon) = I am hearing/listening to you.

मैं तुम्हे सुन सकता/सकती  हूँ | (main tumhe sun saktaa/saktee hoon) =  I can hear you.

मैंने यह गाना सुना |(maine yah gaana sunaa) = I heard this song.

तुमने यह गाना सुना | (tumne yah gaana sunaa) = You heard this song.

क्या तुमने यह गाना सुना ? (kyaa tumne yah gaanaa sunaa) = Did you hear this song ?


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