How do you say “Do not drink this water” in Hindi

In this lesson , we will learn to give orders in Hindi.

‘Do not’ vaguely translates to ‘मत’.

Similar Sentences

टेंशन मत लो . (tension mat lo) = Do not take tension

पिजा मत खाओ  (pijaa mat khaao) =Do not eat Pizza.

अंग्रेजी मत बोलो (angreezee mat bolo) = Do not speak English.

कोका कोला मत पियो  (coca cola mat piyo) = Do not drink Coca Cola

यह पानी मत पियो | (yah paani mat piyo) = Do not drink water.

ऑफिस मत जाओ | (office mat jaao) = Do not go to office.

मुंबई मत आओ | (mumbai mat aao) = Do not come to Mumbai.

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