How do you say “Can I play ?” in Hindi ?

Learn how to ask questions using modal verb “can”. In this lesson, we will make sentences like “Can you help me ?” or “Can Indian win ?” or “Can we go there ?” in Hindi.

The modal verb “can” translates to “सकना (saknaa)” in Hindi. The lesson on “can” is here :  Using “can” in Hindi.

Let us see the examples

क्या आप मेरा फोटो ले सकते हो ? (kyaa aap mera photo le sakte ho ?) = Can you take a photo of me ?

क्या आप हमारी मदद कर सकते हो ? (kyaa aap hamaari madad kar sakte ho ?) = Can you help us ?

क्या हम वहा जा सकते है ? (kyaa hum vahaan jaa sakte hain ?) = Can we go there ?

क्या मैं खेल सकता हूँ ? (kyaa main khel saktaa hoon ?) = Can I play ?

क्या तुम मेरे लिए काम कर सकते हो ? (kyaa tum mere liye kaam kar sakte ho ?) = Can you work for me ?

क्या तुम यह फोन वहा रख सकते हो ? (kyaa tum yah phone vahan rakh sakte ho ) = Can you keep this phone there ?

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