How do you say “I can not live without you” in Hindi

In this Hindi lesson ,we will learn Hindi equivalent of English preposition “Without”. We will learn to make sentences like “I can not live without you” , “He went without me” and many similar sentences in Hindi.

Without = के बिना (ke binaa)

मेरे बिना (mere binaa) = Without me

तुम्हारे बिना (tumhaare binaa) = Without you

उसके बिना (uske binaa) = Without he/she

हमारे बिना (hamaare binaa) = Without us

उनके बिना (unke binaa) = Without  them

पीटर के बिना (peter ke binaa) = Without Peter

Example sentences

पीटर मेरे बिना चला गया | (peter mere binaa chalaa gayaa) = Peter went without me.

पीटर मेरे बिना स्कूल चला गया | (peter mere binaa school chalaa gayaa) = Peter went to school without me.

मछली पानी के बिना रह नहीं सकती | (machhali paani ke bina rah nahi saktee) = A fish can not live without water.

मैं गाड़ी के बिना जा नहीं सकता/ती हूँ | (main gaadi ke binaa jaa nahi saktaa/tee hoon) = I can not go without my vehicle.

मैं तुम्हारे बिना जी नहीं सकता | (main tumhaare bina jee nahi saktaa/tee) = I can not live without you.

तुम्हारे बिना मेरा जीवन अधुरा है | (tumhaare bina meraa jeevan adhuraa hai) = My life is incomplete without you.


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