Why you must learn Hindi

Now that you have landed on this page; you’re wondering whether to learn Hindi or not. Whether to spend 10 minutes of precious time each day which otherwise can happily be wasted on internet. Here I give you top 10 convincing reasons why you must learn Hindi.

10. Sharpen cognitive skills.

There couldn’t be any better mental exercise than learning a second language.Your brain cells grow and you become clever. Research has already shown that learning a language improves cognitive abilities and delays mental dementia by 5-6 years. Now you may ask, why Hindi? Why not French, German or say Swahili. Over Half a Billion People Worldwide Speak Hindi.Hindi is the second most spoken language in the world and is the official language of India.  Roughly 300 million speak Hindi as native speakers and another 200 million speak Hindi as a second language.

9. Travel

India is a complete tourist destination and a delight for travel lovers. Mountains, Forests, Sanctuaries, Beaches, Tigers, Forts, Caves, Temples-and what not. Get some knowledge of Hindi and enhance your travel experience by multitudes.Discover the unnamed, untamed nooks and crannies, that are hidden for most others.

8. Culture and People

Language is a ladder to the culture and people. Language helps you understand its people, traditions, festivals and culture.You know “namste”  but ever wondered what it actually means? . Learn Hindi.

7. Socialize.

Knowing Hindi will help you to interact with more the number of people in India. This means new friends and friends of new friends. You earn an opportunity to expand your social circle.

6. Be more appealing

Let’s be honest. Whether it’s new friends, someone we want to date, or perhaps a current or potentially new employer, we always take efforts to impress someone. Knowing the second language definitely shows intelligence, style and a certain amount of mystique and it definitely makes you stand out from other idiots.


India is becoming one of the world’s biggest exporters of commerce, business, digital media, and other information based technologies. And this trend doesn’t seem like it will be stopping anytime soon.All technology jobs are currently being outsourced over to India. Even if you don’t personally have any plans to move to India, you might find yourself dealing with native Hindi-speakers more and more often.T

4. Business

Your business requires deep trust and loyalty from your customers .If you don’t speak the local language then you are not the main actor in their country; you are just a bewildered guest. Your business strongly depends on the strength and quality of your local relationships.

3. Daily use

Do you find difficulty in reading Hindi Signboards ?You embarrassingly ask a Taxiwala to repeat what he just said to you.You struggle to communicate with your housemaid.State government officials are not friendly with you and neither are the traffic cops.You wait for the English announcements on Railway platforms. You require agents to decode bills, house agreements, electricity bills and even RTO forms. Break away all these daily hassles. Learn Hindi and make your life easy and comfy.

2. Bollywood

Third, Hindi has truly gained global significance. Film fanatics would be delighted to directly understand what are called as ‘Bollywood’ films, the second most prolific in the world following Hollywood. Through the years, Indian music has also become increasingly influential within mainstream music not just in the United States but almost throughout the rest of the world. You should be aware that many Indian traditional songs and hymns have already been adapted and integrated into songs released by popular recording artists like Missy Elliot, Sting, Shania Twain, Redman, and Madonna. Do not be surprised to eventually realize that the ability to speak and write Hindi could help you better understand Jay-Z and other popular music icons.

1. Just because it is easy

Learning Hindi is far far easier than learning any other language. Hindi is a language of wisdom, poetry, philosophy, mystery, and song. For more than a thousand years after its emergence, the language has truly contributed to further enrich and expand the Asian world across literary, linguistic, and scientific fields. In fact, Hindi has spread rapidly that it is currently the world’s second most spoken language, following Mandarin. Native speakers of Hindi view it as among the most beautiful and most emotionally expressive of all languages that people could ever learn. Thus, Hindi speakers could be able to communicate effectively in poetry as well as in commerce

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