“I reached home” in Hindi and similar sentences

“To reach” is “पहुँचना (pahunchnaa)”  in Hindi.

मैं पहुँचा | (main pahunchaa) = I reached.

मोनिका घर पहुँची | (monicaa ghar pahunchee) = Monica reached home.

पीटर मुंबई पहुंचा | (peter mumbai pahunchaa) = Peter reached Mumbai.

मैं कल मुंबई पहुँचुंगा | (main kal mumbai pahunchungaa) = I’ll reach Mumbai tomorrow.

मैं समय पर पहुँची | (main samay par pahunchaa) = I reached in time.


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  1. today only i say your lessons, it is really excellent.
    could we have frequent contacts regarding learning this subject. I have many sentences in English which i want it to be translated in Hindi. I am very much interested to learn more and more Hindi, could please help me.
    i require sentences pertaining to rail passengers at railway station.

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