You are looking good

To a girl : तुम आज अच्छी दिख रही हो | (tum aaj acchee dikh rahee ho)

To a boy : तुम आज अच्छे दिख रहे हो | (tum aaj acchhe dikh rahe ho)

You are looking good.

  to look = दिख-ना (dikhnaa) 

Similar sentences

तुम्हारा शर्ट अच्छा हैं | (tumhara shirt acchha hain)

Your shirt is good.

तुम्हारी साड़ी अच्छी हैं | (tumhari saree acchee hain )

Your saree is good.

good = अच्छा /अच्छी

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