“The lion is sleeping” in Hindi

Let us learn to make sentences on Hindi equivalent of English verb “to sleep”

“to sleep” means “सोना”(sonaa)

मैं सो रहा हूँ /रही हूँ | (main so rahaa hoon/rahee hoon) = I am sleeping.

पीटर सो रहा है | (peter so rahaa hai)=Peter is sleeping.

बच्चा सो रहा है |(baccha so rahaa hai)=The child is sleeping.

मैं दस बजे तक सोया/सोयी | (main dus baje tak soyaa/soyee) = I slept till 10 o’clock.

मैं दस घंटे  सोया/सोयी  | (main dus ghante soyaa/soyee) = I slept for 10 hrs.

मैं आज दस बजे सोऊंगा /सोऊंगी | (main aaj das baje soungaa/soungee) = I will sleep at 10 o’clock.

मैं आज जल्दी सोऊंगा /सोऊंगी | (main aaj jaldi soungaa/soungee) = I will sleep early.

Lion = शेर (sher) : Try to make the sentence “The lion is sleeping” in Hindi. Write your answer in the comment box below.

Beginners can see the lesson on tenses in Hindi and postpositions in Hindi to understand grammar behind these sentences.


    1. Nice Ellie. Nice to see you are trying to make your own sentences.
      you can replace “ye ratri” with “aaj raat”(tonight = today night) to make this sentence look slightly better!!

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