Your name is Peter

speak hindi pronouns possessive

In this Hindi Lesson

You will learn how to use second person possessive pronouns in Hindi.

You will learn to say sentences like

Your name is Monica.

Your car is Ford in Hindi.


Masculine(singular) तेरा  फोन
teraa phone
तुम्हारा  फोन
tumhaaraa phone
आपका  फोन
aapkaa phone
Your phone
Masculine(plural) तेरे  फोन
tere phone
तुम्हारे फोन
tumhaare phone
आपके  फोन
aapke phone
Your phones
Feminine(singular) तेरी बहन
teri bahan
तुम्हारी बहन
tumhaari bahan
आपकी बहन
aapki bahan
Your sister
Feminine(plural) तेरी बहने
teri bahane
तुम्हारी बहने
tumhaari bahane
आपकी बहने
aapki bahane
Your sisters
Honor तेरे पिताजी
tere  pitaajee
तुम्हारे पिताजी tumhaare pitaajee
आपके पिताजी
aapke pitaajee
Your father
 तू = तेरा ,तेरी ,तेरे

तुम = तुम्हारा,तुम्हारी ,तुम्हारे

आप = आपका ,आपकी ,आपके

Hindi English
First Person Singular मेरा नाम पीटर है |
mera  naam peter hai
My name is Peter
Second Person (very informal) तेरा नाम पीटर है |
tera naam peter hai
Your name is Peter
Second Person (informal) तुम्हारा नाम पीटर है|
tumhara naam peter hai
Your name is Peter
Second Person (formal) आपका नाम पीटर है |
aapka naam peter hai
Your name is Peter

Second person possessives

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53 comments on “Your name is Peter
  1. A K Kunhi Kannan says:

    teaching method is fine

  2. A K Kunhi Kannan says:


  3. sumanRs says:

    Your name Vaave – teri naam vaave

    How we say in Hindi :

    Is this your name ?

    • Learn Hindi @ Mind ur Hindi says:

      is this your name ? = yeh tumhara naam hai kya ?
      for more examples go to the lesson : yes-no questions in Hindi.

  4. vasanth kumar says:

    Very easy to learn.thanks

  5. lawrence danisttan says:

    excellent method of teaching

  6. 3 C says:

    why can’t we use हो for तुम्हारी?

  7. ajay agrawal says:

    best learning this website for me…but i req u plz u tiching me. my daily needs santens like that important staudy i am very week on english..plz help me.

  8. Mahesh says:

    very good website and very easy to learn hindi. Thanks Mind ur hindi

  9. bhanu says:

    main bhanu hoon
    meri pithaji ka naaam raaj hai
    apka nam kya hai? is this correct

  10. bhanu says:

    if we don’t no Hindi words can we write them like this mamakaram as mamakarand family as kutumb

  11. gayathri says:

    why don’t we use “meri pithaji naam ravi hai” instead of “meri pithaji ka naaam ravi hai”

  12. keshav says:




    meri naam veena …?..
    please help me

  13. Kavishaa says:

    i want to learn hindi
    where do i start?

  14. vinathi says:

    mera naam vinathi hai

  15. Raghunathan says:

    mera naam ragunathan hai

  16. RAJESH KANNAN says:


  17. RAJESH KANNAN says:

    mera naam rajesh kannan hai

  18. Sifaka I says:

    Learning made easier. I don’t feel to stop. Thanks a lot

  19. anupama says:

    I am so happy to see this site.
    aapkae pitaji suresh ho.

    why not aapka pitaji suresh ho.

  20. mrudula says:

    some times we use tera and other times we use tere for masculine sense. please clarify me

    • Learn Hindi @ Mind ur Hindi says:

      if it comes with postposition then tere is used : tere pas pen hai (You have a pen)
      If it doesn’t come with posposition then tera : tera pen (Your pen)

  21. Jacita says:

    why तुम डॉक्टर हो why हो and not end है also doctor not honorific? thank you

    • Learn Hindi @ Mind ur Hindi says:

      It is not the word but the person you are talking to.
      If your friend is a doctor then you can say “tum doctor ho”
      if you are talking to someone elder and he is a doctor then you can say “aap doctor hai”

  22. savi says:

    Where can I Learn advance grammer??

  23. Ramesh says:

    Mera nam ramesh hye
    Tera nam rajesh hye
    Teri nam priya hye
    aapka nam yogendar sing hye
    Tere pappa kya kar raha hye

  24. Senthil says:

    Really superb

  25. Shifana N M says:

    “Aapki car ford hain”why hain?

  26. rambabu kenguva says:

    your teaching lessons and exercises are very informative and useful….. simply EXCELLENT…

  27. lucky says:

    आप रॉजर हो . _____ car फोर्ड है |

    why we should use आपकी instead of आपका. roger is a male name

  28. Denadayal says:

    Can u help understand when to use hai nd when to use ho

  29. Haritha says:

    Please teach us different words in Hindi

  30. RAMESHKUMAR says:

    is this your name? Why can we say like this

    kya yeh tummaraa naam hai?

  31. Crinu says:

    Very good this lesson.

  32. fathima nusha says:

    easy to learn

  33. Priya says:

    Really superb. Great Job

  34. Tamil says:

    how can we say your sisters [Masculine Plural]

  35. Tamil says:

    how can we say your sisters (Masculine Plural)

  36. lalli says:

    Meri naam lalitha hoon.mere pithaji ka nam narayana hai.yah correct hai

  37. Ahmedo says:

    Namaste mitra,mera naam Ahmedkhan, muze hindi seekhnee hain. Thanks you very much for your help.

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