Yes-No questions in Hindi

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Asking yes-no questions in Hindi is very easy. If you can construct a Hindi sentence on your own then all you have to is to put  क्या(kyaa) at the end of the sentence

The format will be : Subject-Object-Verb- क्या (kyaa) ?

Answer of these questions will be either हाँ (haan) = Yes or नहीं (naheen)= No.

The following table will clear all your doubts.


Sentence भारत हमारा देश है |

bhaarat hamaaraa desh hai

India is our country.
Question भारत हमारा देश है क्या ?

bhaarat hamaaraa desh hai kya?

Is India our country?
Sentence तुम्हारा नाम अलेक्स है |

tumhaaraa naam alex hai

Your name is Alex.
Question तुम्हारा नाम अलेक्स है क्या ?

tumhaaraa naam alex hai kyaa?

Is your name Alex?
Sentence सचिन का फोन नंबर २२३३२२३३ है

|sachin ka phone number 22332233 hai

Sachin’s phone no is 22332233
Question सचिन का फोन नंबर २२३३२२३३ है क्या ?

sachin ka phone number 22332233 hai kyaa?

Is Sachin’s phone no 22332233 ?
Sentence तुम हिंदी सीखते हो |

tum hindi seekhte ho

You learn Hindi .
Question तुम हिंदी सीखते हो क्या ?

tum hindi seekhte ho kyaa?

Do you learn Hindi ?

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10 comments on “Yes-No questions in Hindi
  1. Sukhada says:

    what if one doesn’t know the answer? For example,
    “sachin ka phone number hai kyaa?”
    Is it a good Hindi translation for “What is Sachin’s number?”

    • saso35 says:

      Hi Sukhada
      Literal translation for “What is Sachin’s number?” is ” sachin ka number kya hai?”
      “sachin ka number hai kya ” means ” Do you have Sachin’s number?”

  2. Rajesh says:

    “ka” is used for “‘s” right? like sachin”‘s”=sachin “ka”

  3. K.Keerthi says:

    It’s good explanation by saso35

    Thank you

  4. Mrs.Ramya.K says:

    In sentence sachin’s phone no you have given another language, but it seems in ans it is 22332233 if we put question what we have to mention sachin’s phone no—-.So please give in no which we know don’t put no’s in other language. Because we can’t understand.

  5. RAMESHKUMAR says:

    kyaa yah ghar hai? it means. is this house? but you use kyaa at end of statement.

  6. abdul aljasawee says:

    tumhara Hindustan country hai kya.
    meaning is Hindustan your country.
    main sach hum kya. meaning am I right.

  7. nithya says:

    ap kaha se hoo…

  8. Elangovan Arumugam says:

    Nice, Thanks.

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