Yes-No questions in Hindi

In this Hindi Lesson

Asking yes-no questions in Hindi is very easy. If you can construct a Hindi sentence on your own then all you have to is to put  क्या(kyaa) at the end of the sentence

The format will be : Subject-Object-Verb- क्या (kyaa) ?

Answer of these questions will be either हाँ (haan) = Yes or नहीं (naheen)= No.

The following table will clear all your doubts.


Sentence भारत हमारा देश है |

bhaarat hamaaraa desh hai

India is our country.
Question भारत हमारा देश है क्या ?

bhaarat hamaaraa desh hai kya?

Is India our country?
Sentence तुम्हारा नाम अलेक्स है |

tumhaaraa naam alex hai

Your name is Alex.
Question तुम्हारा नाम अलेक्स है क्या ?

tumhaaraa naam alex hai kyaa?

Is your name Alex?
Sentence सचिन का फोन नंबर २२३३२२३३ है

|sachin ka phone number 22332233 hai

Sachin’s phone no is 22332233
Question सचिन का फोन नंबर २२३३२२३३ है क्या ?

sachin ka phone number 22332233 hai kyaa?

Is Sachin’s phone no 22332233 ?
Sentence तुम हिंदी सीखते हो |

tum hindi seekhte ho

You learn Hindi .
Question तुम हिंदी सीखते हो क्या ?

tum hindi seekhte ho kyaa?

Do you learn Hindi ?

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  1. what if one doesn’t know the answer? For example,
    “sachin ka phone number hai kyaa?”
    Is it a good Hindi translation for “What is Sachin’s number?”

    1. Hi Sukhada
      Literal translation for “What is Sachin’s number?” is ” sachin ka number kya hai?”
      “sachin ka number hai kya ” means ” Do you have Sachin’s number?”

  2. In sentence sachin’s phone no you have given another language, but it seems in ans it is 22332233 if we put question what we have to mention sachin’s phone no—-.So please give in no which we know don’t put no’s in other language. Because we can’t understand.

  3. tumhara Hindustan country hai kya.
    meaning is Hindustan your country.
    main sach hum kya. meaning am I right.

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