What ??

In this Hindi Lesson

You’ll learn how ask questions in Hindi using What .

What is क्या (kyaa) in Hindi.

While making a question, the position of क्या  comes just before the verb or a be verb whichever is present.

Question आपका नाम क्या है ?

aapkaa naam kyaa hai

What is your name ?
Answer मेरा नाम जेम्स है |

meraa naam james hai

My name is James.
Question तुम क्या कर रहे हो ?

tum kyaa kar rahe ho

What are you doing?
Answer मैं पढ़ रहा हूँ |

main padh rahaa hoon

I am reading.
Question फेडरर क्या खेलता है ?

federar kyaa kheltaa hai

What does Federer play?
Answer फेडरर टेनिस खेलता है |

federar tennis kheltaa hai

Federar plays Tennis.
Question उन्होंने कल क्या खाया ?

unhone kal kyaa khaayaa?

What did they eat yesterday ?
Answer उन्होंने कल ice cream खाया |

unhone kal ice cream khaayaa

They ate icecream yesterday.
Questionr वह कल क्या करेगी ?

vah kal kyaa karegee

What will she do tomorrow?
Answer वह कल पानी पीयेगी |

vah kal paani peeyegee

She will drink water tomorrow.

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