We could win !!

In this Hindi tutorial

You will learn the usage of auxiliary verb “could” in Hindi.

Learn to make sentences like “I could speak Hindi” or “I could write” in Hindi.

“Could”  functions as the past tense of  “can”.

“I can speak” looks very similar “I could speak” very similar in English.  Only “can” is replaced with “could”.

In Hindi we don’t do anything different.

We replace “सकता हूँ / सकती हूँ ” with “सका /सकी” for first person pronouns. These form changes with different pronouns.

The following table includes some examples which will make you more clear about the usage of “could” in Hindi.

मैं हिंदी बोल सका |

main hindi bol sakaa

I could speak Hindi.
वह कर सकी |

vah kar sakee  

She could do it.
ओबामा राष्ट्रपति बन सका |

obama rashtrapati ban sakaa  

Obama could become president.
आप किताब लिख सके |

aap kitaab likh sake

You could write a book.
हम मैच जीत सके |

ham match jeet sake

We could win match.


  1. what is the difference between ‘saktha’ and ‘sakha’ and when these two sentences can be used and how? please let me know.

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