and vs or

In this Hindi Lesson

You’ll learn how to use Hindi conjunctions “and”  and “or”.

“and” is tranalted to “और(aur)” in Hindi while “or” is translated to “या (yaa)”

Let us learn this through the examples

Examples on “and”
रेस्तरो और बार

(restaurant aur bar)

Restaurant and bar
पीटर और मोनिका

(peter aur monica)

Peter and Monica
तुम और मैं

(tum aur main)

You and I
पानी और नमक

(paani aur namak)

Water and salt
पेड़ और पंछी

(ped aur panchee)

Tree and birds
Exaples on “or”
ठंडा या गरम

(thandaa yaa garam)

Cold or hot
हलका या भारी

(halkaa yaa bhaari)

Light or heavy
तुम या मैं

(tum ya main)

You or I
चाय या कॉफ़ी

(chaay yaa coffee)

Tea or coffee
अच्छा या बुरा

(acchhaa yaa buraa)

Good or bad


  1. you made a chota mistake.. or should i say tum chota galti kayaa!(is that correct??)

    you said tum aur monika translates as you and I (unless you are monika! ;P )

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