In this Hindi tutorial

You’ll learn to use Hindi equivalent words for English conjunctions “therefore”, “so”  and ” hence”.

You’ll learn to make sentences like:

The tea was hot so I did not drink it.


The color is red hence I can read the book… in Hindi.

The Hindi equivalent for all these English conjucntions is “इसलिए (isliye)”

Let us try to make Hindi sentences using “इसलिए (isliye)”.

चाय गर्म हैं इसलिए मैं पी नहीं सकता हूँ |

(chaay garm hain isliye main pee nahee saktaa hoon)

Tea is hot therefore I can not drink it.
पानी ठंडा है इसलिए मैं पी नहीं सकता हूँ |

(paani thandaa hain isliye main pee naheen saktaa hoon)

Water is cold therefore I can not drink.
मुंबई दूर हैं इसलिए मैं गया नहीं  |

(mumbai dur hain isliye main gayaa naheen)

Mumbai is far therefore I did not go.
मैं अमरिका से हूँ इसलिए मैं हिंदी बोलता हूँ |

(main amrikaa se hoon isliye main hindi bolta hoon)

I am from America therefore I speak Hindi.
मेरे पास पेन हैं इसलिए मैं लिखता हूँ  |

(mera paas pen hain isliye main likhta hoon)

I have a pen therefore I write.


  1. What is गया? I have seen this word many times in hindi songs and dialogues with different meanings . Please explain!

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