Telling your name in Hindi

my name in hindi

You will learn to tell your name in Hindi. This Hindi lesson is on Possessive Pronouns. The English first person possessive pronoun is “My”.

Hindi has 3 equivalents for this.

1)मेरा (mera) – to be used for masculine nouns

2)मेरी(meri) -to be used for feminine nouns

3)मेरे /मेरी(mere/meri) – to be used for plural nouns depending on the gender

Neuter gender does not exist in Hindi.


Masculine (singular) मेरा फोन (meraa phone) My phone
Masculine (plural) मेरे फोन (mere phone) My phones
Feminine (singular) मेरी बहन (meri behan) My sister
Feminine (plural) मेरी बहने (meri behane) My sisters
Honor मेरे पिताजी (mere pitaajee) My father


What I learned : मेरा , मेरी , मेरे = My

Telling your name in Hindi : “name is a masculine noun”

Hindi English
मेरा नाम पीटर है |(meraa naam peter hain) My name is Peter.
मेरा नाम टीना है |(mera naam teena hain) My name is Teena.
मेरा नाम जोसफ है|(mera naam joseph hain) My name is Joseph.
मेरा नाम सैम है |(meraa naam sam hain) My name is Sam.
मेरा नाम रोन है |(meraa naam ron hain) My name is Ron.
What I learned : मेरा नाम (meraa naam) = My name

Your name in Hindi

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  1. clear my doubt!
    in male,for “my sister” what we have to use? either “mere behane” or “mere behan”
    in female,for “my phone” what we have to use? either “meri phones” or “meri phone”.

  2. why meri car, not pronounced as mera car
    why mera phone, not pronounced as meri phone
    both phone and car are things so why don’t we use meri for both

    1. Car, Phone are nouns.
      Nouns have genders.
      Car in Hindi is feminine noun, so meri car
      Phone in Hindi is masculine noun, so mera phone

      1. How do we find out if Car is male or female ? Phone is male or female ?

        You have taught in earlier lesson that if a noun ends with aaa sound it is male and if it ends with eee sound it is female. How does car and phone fit in this context ?

        Would appreciate your response pls

        1. There is no rule to identify the gender of a noun. The rule taught earlier is a general rule. It does not work on all nouns.

  3. very good website for Hindi learners like me !!!
    can i know the is there any difference between hai and hain

  4. I understand मेरी is singular feminine, however why in the lesson it says मेरा नाम टीना है |(mera naam teena hain)if teena is a girl would it not be मेरी. thank you for clarification.

    1. Hi Jacita,
      First of all, thanks for getting started with learning Hindi at mindurhindi.
      Coming to your doubt, Mera is associated to the noun “Naam” which is a masculine noun.
      Hence “meraa naam” (My name)

  5. hi, mera nam priyanka hai…
    the concept of test at the end of the session is very good.. thanks a lot…
    I go forward with your help…

  6. I have a doubt here.. My name is teena.. That is said Meraa naam Teena hain.. Teena is a girl, why dont we say Meri naam tina hain?

    1. meraa is describing the noun ‘naam’ , not Teena.

      and ‘Naam’ is masculine noun, hence meraa naam.

  7. Namaskar. Mera Naam Ira hai. I also love the tests at the end of the lessons, but showing words in this way – बहन behan -a bit more often – and with the translation would be so helpful.

  8. hi I have started following this mindurhindi website recently…. So I need to know at what situations hyng and hoong are to be used? Can anyone state the difference between those two?

  9. my daughter – meri daughter
    my name is dhanya – meri naam dhanya hain
    my father – meri pithajee
    my table – meri table
    my city – meri shahar

    1. Hi, am So Happy on seeing such a wonderful website. I have just started with it am damn sure it will be very helpful for me.
      Thank you So Much for the one who has created it and made it available free of cost.

  10. This always confuses me so if I am saying I love you to my husband I would use kartee because I am a girl?

    so main tumse pyarr kartee humn?

    is that right?

  11. Thank you so much sir i learn some.more.hindi..plese be continue i need more oerfects hindi sir.. May god bless uu

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