Telling who you are in Hindi

Hindi pronouns grammar

You will learn second person pronouns in Hindi. You will learn to say sentences like

You are beautiful”  or

You are my love” in Hindi.

There are 3 equivalents for English “you” in Hindi

“तू (tu)“-is used when you are talking to someone who is either younger than you or very close to you in a relationship. Your friends, wives,younger sisters,brothers fall into this category.It is advisable not to use this pronoun while talking to a stranger or a person who is elder than you.

“तुम(tum)” –  Use it freely in all the informal conversations.

“आप(aap)”- is used in formal conversations,more often while talking with elders or strangers.

Quick Tip: To be on safe side, use “आप(aap)” in all  situations since it’ll work in all the cases.

Hindi English
First Person Singular मैं पीटर हूँ |main peter hoon I am Peter
Second Person (very informal) तू  पीटर है |tu peter hai You are Peter
Second Person (informal) तुम पीटर हो |tum peter ho You are Peter
Second Person (formal) आप पीटर हो |aap peter ho You are Peter


तू,तुम,आप = you



Telling who you are

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        1. No. “Ho” is the be verb associated with pronoun “aap”.
          all sentences with “aap” pronoun will have “ho” be verb.

        2. Please understand Hindi in your mother toung, Inot in English, because English sentence formation is from English.

  1. When using आप for someone’s name, make sure to use क as well.
    Example: आप का नाम पीटर है
    Translation: Your name is Peter

  2. Thank you so much for the site.Really find it useful
    1.Sentences with aap must end with ‘hein’ right?
    In the example “aap peter ho” is given.

  3. Good Day admin. I have only one thing based on my uncertainty. When is it necessary to say “Ho” and “Hoon”? I chronically make mistakes such as this and I am kindly requesting for your assistance in this problem. Thank you very much in advance administrator and I am patiently looking forward to your kind response. Have a very blessed day and week!

    Yours respectfully,
    Jordel Jones.

    1. ‘Ho’ is for second person. ‘Hoon’ is for first person. You can see the first 2-3 lessons on pronouns for more examples. Thanks.

  4. This is very helpful for me thanks a lot .Can i please know how do you say “we” in Hindi? And what does “aap acche hain” mean? Cant we say main bhuuk lage hoon since its i am? thank you once again for your help….

  5. This is a site to learn hindi for someone who does not know the language.
    But the exercises at the end of the lessons are written in hindi scripts. If one could read hindi script, they can very well speak it with these basics.
    Please make sense by putting together in english.

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