Telling who we are in Hindi


Hindi English
हम भारतीय हैं |(hum bhaarteey hain) we are Indians.
हम डॉक्टर हैं |(hum doctor hain) We are Doctors.
आप भारतीय हैं |(aap bhaarteey  hain) You are Indians.
आप डॉक्टर हैं |(aap doctor hain) You are Doctors.
वे भारतीय हैं |(ve bharteey hain) They are Indians.
वे डॉक्टर हैं |(ve doctor hain) They are Doctors.
हम = we

आप   = You

वे      =  They


    1. It can be said but there is a difference between two “aap”
      You (singular) are doctor = aap doctor ho.
      You (plural) are doctor = aap doctor hain.

  1. Is website bahut accha hein.Mein Hindi seekhne ke liye koshish Kar rahaa hoon.Lekin mere lakshy ko paunch keliye is website ham log ke liye ek aasaani raastha bana gaya.
    Website ko mera dhanyavad!!!

    Is my Hindi correct?

    1. For pronouns in plural we use “hai” instead of “ho”
      aap ho = you are (plural)
      aap hai = you are (plural)

  2. Thank you so much. The website and mobile app is really helpful. I m still learning my first lessob. Can u be more specific where to use hai,ho, hoon

  3. One doubt:

    In the exercise of this chapter (7.1), to translate the following sentences into Hindi:

    You are girls

    It says,

    Aap ladkiyaan ho.

    But for:

    You are doctors

    It says,

    Aap doctors hain.

    So when we have plural pronouns (such as ‘aap’), is it correct to use both ‘hain’ and ‘ho’ in place of ‘are’ ?

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