Requests in Hindi

In this Hindi Lesson

You’ll learn polite imperative forms of Hindi verbs.

You’ll learn how to request someone in Hindi.

Till now you must have seen how a Hindi verb modifies to express different tenses. The root of the verb gets different suffix according to the tense in which it is being used.

The imperative form of a verb is not very different.

Let us learn this with examples.

Verb : आ-ना (aa-naa) = To come

Polite imperative form :  आ-इए (aa-iye) = Please Come

If you want to request someone to enter your room, you’ll say

आ-इए (aa-iye) in Hindi.

the root of the verb gets suffix -इए(iye) .

Similarly for the verb : to go = जा-ना (jaa-naa)

The polite imperative form will be :  जा-इए (jaa-iye)  = Please go.

Now for those verbs which have two or more letter in their root form:

for example :

देख-ना (dekh-naa) = To see 

The polite imperative form becomes : देख + इए = देखिए ( dekhiye) = Please see

बैठ-ना (baith-naa) = To sit

The polite imperative form becomes : बैठ + इए = बैठिए ( baithiye) = Please sit

One must keep in mind that this imperative form of Hindi Verbs is always used with the pronoun “आप (aap)”.

आप बैठिए (aap baithiye) = (you) please sit

Hindi English
खाइए (khaaiye) Please eat
जाइए (jaaiye) Please go
आइए (aaiye) Please come
बैठिये (baithiye) Please sit
देखिये (dekhiye) Please see
दीजिये (deejiye) Please give
The polite imperative form of a Hindi verb : root verb-इए

Practice : Click on the flashcard to see the imperative forms of the verbs

[flashcard source=”http://www.mindurhindi.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/flash-card-imperative-polite1.txt” max=15]

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12 comments on “Requests in Hindi
  1. Ramamurthy says:

    very good lessions to learn hindi.bahut dhanta vaad.

  2. Ramamurthy says:

    dhanya vaad

  3. Mrs.Ramya.K says:

    Thanks a lot. The versions are very nice.

  4. Sai Chandra says:

    Very good lesson but I don’t understand why “Lonaa” becomes “Leejiye” in the second flashcard.

  5. Sapphirebcf says:

    What is हसना? Why does it become हासिए and not हसिए ?

  6. Mrs.Ramya. K says:

    Dear Sir

    You have given in imperatiave form like dekhna- dekhiye , baitnaa-baitiye and in the table English and Hindi which was give below the spelling for hindi dekhiye and baitiye is different? My doubt is which is right or otherwise both the spellings are correct . pl clarify.

    • Learn Hindi @ Mind ur Hindi says:

      Hi Ramya

      I don’t see anything wrong there. The spellings of dekhiye and baithiye look correct.


  7. Sanjay Ramanathan says:

    sir, what is mean by ”HUM”? I listened to a hindi song lyric ”hum mar jayeenge ” it means we will die right ???

  8. Sanjay Ramanathan says:

    thank you very much sir !!!

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