Questions on Who ?

In this Hindi tutorial

You will learn how to ask questions using “who”.

“Who” translates to “कौन (koun)” in Hindi.

Like other Wh questions, the position of  “कौन (koun)” also comes before the verb.

Question मैं कौन हूँ ?main kaun hoon ? Who am I ?
Answer मैं जोसफ हूँ |main joseph hoon I am Joseph.
Question बैटमैन कौन है ?batman kaun hain? Who is Batman ?
Answer बैटमैन ब्रूस है |batman bruce hain Batman is Bruce.
Question वह कौन था ?vah kaun thaa? Who was he/there?
Answer वह सचिन था |vah sachin thaa He was Sachin
Question कल कौन आया था ?kal kaun aaya thaa? Who had come yesterday ?
Answer कल पिताजी आए थे |kal pitaajee aae the Father had come yesterday

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6 comments on “Questions on Who ?
  1. Sivaramakrishnan says:

    kal kaun aaya?

    kal kaun aaya tha?

    Does adding “tha” make the sentence past perfect tense?
    Or is the first sentence wrong?

  2. anand p b says:

    what is nikhaat in hindi

  3. anand p b says:

    what is kinthu in hindi

  4. arun says:

    i have really confused with present and past perfect tense in hidi, can you explain me.

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