Questions on “when” in Hindi

In this Hindi Lesson

You’ll learn how to use “when” in Hindi

You’ll learn to form Hindi sentences like

When is Diwali ?  or

When is Christmas ?

Hindi Equivalent of “when” is “कब (kab)” .

The position of “कब ” in Hindi sentences comes just before the verb present in the sentence.

Hindi English
दिवाली कब हैं ?

(diwaali kab hain)

When is Diwali ?
सोमवार कब हैं ?

(somvaar kab hain)

When is Monday ?
Movie कब हैं ?

(movie kab hain)

When is the movie?
तुम्हारा जन्मदिन कब हैं ?

(tumhaara janmdin kab hain)

When is your birthday?
ट्रेन कब आएगी ?

(train kab aaegi?)

When will the train come?
तुम कब आओगे ?

(tum kab aaoge)

When will you come ?

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