Questions on “which” in Hindi

In this Hindi Lesson

We will learn Hindi equivalent of question word “Which”

We will learn to make sentences like “Which is your car ? ” or “Which is the best phone ?” in Hindi.

In the last lesson, we saw Hindi equivalents of English question word  “How”

“How” translates to “कैसा /कैसी /कैसे ” (kaisa/kaisee/kaise) in Hindi.

Similarly, “Which” translates to “कौनसा /कौनसी /कौनसे ” . (kounsaa/kaounsee/kounse)

The suffix (सा /सी/से ) behind the कौन- depend upon the gender you are talking about.

Do not confuse “कौनसा/सी/से ”  with “कौन” which means “Who”

Let us see some examples

1. “कौनसा” (kounsaa)  : To be used for masculine nouns

तुम्हारा फोन कौनसा है ? (tumharaa phone kounsa hai) = Which is your phone?

तुम्हारा घर कौनसा है ? (tumhaaraa ghar kaunsaa hai) = Which one is your house?

सबसे अच्छा फ़ोन कौनसा है ? (sabse acchaa phone kaunsaa hai ?) = Which is the best phone ?


2. “कौनसी “ (kaunsee) : To be used for feminine nouns

आपकी गाड़ी कौनसी है ? (aap ki gaadi kaunsee hai ?) = Which is your vehicle ?

आपकी घडी कौनसी है ? (aapki ghadi kaunsee hai ?) = Which one is your watch ?


3. “कौनसे” (kounse) : To be used for plural forms of nouns

कौनसे देश अच्छे हैं ? (kaunse desh acche hain) = Which countries are good ?

कौनसे घोड़े अच्छे हैं ? (kaunse ghode acche hain?) = Which horses are good ?

कौनसे फोन अच्छे हैं ? (kaunse phone acche hain ?) = Which phones are good ?

The position of “कौनसा” or “कौनसी” or “कौनसे”  comes just after the noun it is describing .


यह कौनसी किताब है ?   yah kaunsee kitaab hai ?
Which book is this ?
यह  कौनसे  कपडे है ?

yah kaunse kapde hai?

Which clothes are these ?
तुम्हारा पिज़्ज़ा कौनसा है ?
tumharaa pizza kaunsaa hai?
Which is your pizza ?
आप कौनसी किताब पढ़ रहे हो ?

aap kaunsee kitaab padh rahe ho?

Which book are you reading ?
पीटर की गाड़ी कौनसी है ?
peter kee gaadi kaunsee hai?
Which is Peter’s vehicle ?


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