Questions on “How” in Hindi

In this Hindi Lesson

We will learn Hindi equivalent of word “How”

We will learn to make sentences like “How are you ? ” or “How was your day ?” in Hindi.

There are three Hindi words for English “How”.  Their usage in sentences depend on the gender of the person you are talking about.

1. “कैसा” (kaisaa)  : To be used for masculine nouns

पीटर कैसा है ? (peter kaisaa hai ?) = How is Peter ?

आपका घर कैसा है ? (aapka ghar kaisaa hai) = How is your house ?

भारत कैसा देश है ? (bhaarat kaisaa desh hai?) = How is India as a country ?

मैं कैसा दिख रहा हूँ ? (main kaisaa dikh rahaa hoon ?) = How am I looking ? (masculine)


2. “कैसी “ (kaisee) : To be used for feminine nouns

मोनिका कैसी है ? (monikaa kaisee hai ?) = How is Monika ?

आपकी कार कैसी है ? (aapki car kaisee hai ?) = How is your car ?

मैं कैसी दिख रही हूँ ? (main kaisee dikh raheen hoon ?) = How am I looking ? (feminine)


3. “कैसे” (kaise) : To be used for honorific nouns, plurals and  second person pronouns.

तुम कैसे हो ? (tum kaise ho ?) = How are you ?

आप कैसे हो ? (aap kaise ho ?) = How are you ?

पिताजी कैसे है ? (pitaajee kaise hai ?)= How is  father ?

आपके घोड़े कैसे हैं ? (aapke ghode kaise hain ?) = How are your horses ?

वह लड़के कैसे हैं ? (vah ladke kaise hain ?) = How are those boys ?

The position of “कैसे” or “कैसी” or “कैसे”  comes just after the noun it is describing .


तुम्हारा दिन कैसा था ?

tumharaa din kaisaa thaa ?

How was your day ?
आज का हवामान कैसा है ?

aaj kaa havaaman kaisa hai ?

How is today’s weather ?
ज़िंदगी कैसी है ?

jindagee kaisee hai ?

How is life ?
आप किताब कैसे लिखते हो ?
aap kitaab kaise likhte ho ?
How do you write a book ?
तुम्हारी घडी कैसी है ?

tumhaari ghadi kaisee hai ?

How is your watch ?

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  1. please explain me the translation of ‘how is life?’
    why ‘kaisee’ is used here?

    what exactly does the suffix in ‘how’ depend on?


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